Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing (SE)

Sue Holland is a licensed Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP) and offers Somatic Experiencing sessions to resolve trauma and develop resilience.

Somatic Experiencing is a form of therapy aimed at relieving and resolving the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other mental and physical trauma-related health problems by focusing on the client's perceived body sensations (or somatic experiences). It was introduced in Dr. Peter Levine's 1997 book Waking the Tiger. In it, he discusses at length his observations of animals in the wild and how they deal with and recover from life-threatening situations. He concludes that their behaviour gives us "an insight into the biological healing process" and that "the key to healing traumatic symptoms in humans lies in our being able to mirror the fluid adaption of wild animals" as they avoid traumatisation in reacting to life-threatening situations.

The theory postulates that the symptoms of trauma are the effect of a dysregulation of the autonomic nervous system (ANS). It further postulates that the ANS has an inherent capacity to self-regulate that is undermined by trauma, and that the inherent capacity to self-regulate can be restored by the procedures of Somatic Experiencing.

The procedure, which is carried out in a face-to-face session similar to psychotherapy, involves a client tracking his or her own felt-sense experience.

Sue offers Somatic Experiencing sessions in English, French or Dutch.


Please note my practice is currently full and I am not taking on new clients.

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